Generates the tax report for an existing invoice. Depending on the Tax Authority and the settings of your account, the tax report might be automatically send after issuing an invoics. Thus, it might not be necessary to explicitly call this method if you issue your invoices via B2Brouter.
Note that you will have to check the status of the tax report we send in your behalf in order to be able to take the necessary actions in case any error or warning is issued by the Tax Authority. Because of the asynchronous nature of the tax report sending process, there is no guarantee that when you check the status of the tax reports it will already have the response of the Tax Authority. It usually takes a few seconds to complete the transaction. You will know that the transaction is complete if the response of the check of the status of the tax report has an status registered or error. We recommend you retry the status check until you get a final state on your tax report.

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